Demand Generation

Make Your Demand Generation Better and Get to MQL Faster with Interactive Content

B2B marketers are being asked to deliver higher quality leads to sales, faster than even before. With interactive content, you can get more out of your existing marketing and demand gen programs by actually getting leads to qualify (or disqualify) themselves.

Benefits of SnapApp For Demand Generation

SnapApp helps demand gen marketers qualify their faster and at scale, across existing programs and channels.

Accelerate qualification (and disqualification)

Let your prospects qualify themselves through question-and-answer experiences that can get you from lead to MQL in just one interactive experience. Don’t waste time waiting for traditional lead qualifying actions to occur (clicks, downloads, etc.), and instead qualify – or disqualify – faster.

Collect data seamless across tech and channels

SnapApp integrates seamlessly with your existing martech stack, working with some of the most popular tools on the market, including Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, Hubspot, Pardot, Act-On, and more. This means you can collect data across all your channels to inform your marketing efforts.

Create more targeted, personalized marketing

Forget making assumptions on what your prospects want based on just their activity alone. You can feed the first-party data you collect directly from your prospects about their needs into your lead scoring models to create more targeted and impactful nurture activities.

Drive better quality leads to sales

Stop wasting your sales team’s time – instead of sending over just any leads, SnapApp lets you qualify better and faster by layering in qualifying questions around key sales criteria earlier in the funnel.

Boost conversion of existing content and programs

You already have plenty of existing content and programs you run – why not do more with what you’re already investing in vs. starting from scratch? Interactive helps you get more across all your channels with better lead and data capture, faster qualification, and higher engagement rates.

Feed your sales team with better insights

Empower your sales team to have better conversations, from first call to closed deal. The question-and-answer information collected through SnapApps gives your sales team the insights they need to have more personalized discovery and demo calls, speeding the sales cycle.

How Interactive Makes Demand Gen Better

With interactive content, you can not only educate audiences and engage with them, but you are also able to collect intelligence you can’t get through activity-based lead scoring or other old B2B marketing standbys. This means you can stop making assumptions about your prospects based on what they click and actually ask them what they actually want via questions and answers.

By learning more about what your prospects actually want, your leads “self-qualify,” telling you if they are a fit ready to jump the funnel as a highly qualified lead for sales, or if they aren’t quite ready.

And because SnapApp integrates directly into your martech stack, all this data can be used to maximize your investments by letting you score leads more accurately, provide targeted nurture content, and arm your sales team with fodder for better conversations with only the most qualified leads.

Why Demand Gen Marketers Need Interactive Content

Getting prospects to engage with our content and programs is only half the battle for B2B marketers. In a world where we’re being measured on things like opportunities created and marketing-influenced revenue, wasting time on the wrong people or not accelerating the truly qualified prospects is a recipe for failure.

Interactive helps demand gen marketers be more efficient with both marketing and sales resources. By incorporating questions and answers into marketing, you can determine where prospects are in their buying journey, what their needs are are, and if they would actually be a good fit for a product or service. It’s this real-time qualification based on key sales criteria that can get your sales team on the phone with the right people at the right time.

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