SnapApp for Agencies

Deliver Impactful Experiences for Your Clients’ Content Campaigns

Like all B2B marketers today, your clients are being asked to do more – more content, more campaigns, more leads, more everything – and at a scale never seen before. It’s a daunting ask, especially as customers get harder and harder to reach, and your clients don’t always have the strategies and tools to keep pace with the demand.

Increase Agency Offerings and Drive Growth

After becoming a SnapApp agency client, you’ll benefit by:

A Platform Simple As Can Be

By partnering with SnapApp, your agency will be able to utilize our platform to deliver highly engaging interactive experiences for your clients.

Scaling Content Creation & Campaign Effectiveness

SnapApp’s interactive content platform helps you rapidly create dynamic content that that focuses on participation and creating a dialogue with buyers.

Winning More Revenue With Your Expanded Offerings

Offer your clients more options when discussing their current content plans as well as planning future campaigns.

Enhancing Your Position As A Strategic Thinker & Creator For Your Clients

Help your clients deliver amazing experiences that engage their prospects and accelerate their revenue.

Driving Up Your Profit Margins

Leverage our market-leading technology, thought leadership, and actionable advice to grow business and achieve sustainable results.

Build Captivating Interactive Content for Your Client’s Audience

By becoming a SnapApp agency client, you’ll get:

  • Full access to the SnapApp interactive content platform (sandbox)
  • Interactive thought leadership and best practices education
  • Access to interactive marketing playbook
  • Comprehensive onboarding and training on the platform
  • Training on marketing automation and other martech integrations
  • Sales Support
  • Co-marketing Opportunities

Accelerate Your Clients’ Sales Cycles and Revenue

As a SnapApp agency client, you’ll be able to:

  • Align your expertise with ours to offer interactive marketing programs to your clients
  • Win new clients with your newly created interactive expertise
  • Build new revenue streams and expand your footprint with customers
  • Drive more client success

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