Transform Your Marketing with Interactive Content

The beauty of interactive content is that it can be added into the existing demand gen programs you are running, improving the ROI of what you are already doing.

Accelerate Lead Qualification & Disqualification

Interactive content lets your prospects qualify themselves through question-&-answer experiences
that can move them from lead to MQL in just one interactive experience. Not only that, but you quickly learn who
isn’t qualified as well, saving valuable resources.

Collect Insights To Drive More Targeted, Personalized Marketing

Forget making assumptions on what your prospects want based on just their activity alone. You can feed
the insight you collect directly from your prospects
about their needs into your lead scoring models to
create more targeted and impactful nurture activities.

Drive Better Leads & Insights To Sales

The sales-qualifying question responses collected through interactive gives your sales team the insights they need to have more personalized discovery and demo calls, speeding the sales cycle.

Where can you use interactive content?

 Pretty much anywhere you currently are using traditional content, you can consider going interactive. 
Check out seven use cases where interactive content can be utilized to improve lead qualification: 


Inbound Requests

Nurture Streams


Database Activation Campaigns


Existing Content & Resources

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