Engaging Blog Visitors

Turn your top-of-funnel blog into an efficient conversion engine by turning readers into qualified leads.


Blogs provide great value to companies. They drive and grow brand awareness, build thought leadership, and boost SEO value. But could it
be doing more? Your marketing team spends loads of time sourcing, creating, and publishing content, but conversion is often an afterthought.

Interactive content changes that by embedding qualifying questions throughout posts and as CTAs, giving your readers ways to authentically interact with your content as they move through it.

47% of buyers read 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep.

– Hubspot

Using an in-blog assessment that supports the written content, you can include  qualifying questions to collect deep reader insights. Other in-content ideas include adding a survey or poll to draw more engagement, keeping it aligned with the blog message. Outside of the blog article,

you can effectively use interactive for CTAs. Try creating an assessment at the end of each post to drive readers to the right next asset or piece of content based on their interests.

Real Life Example: The SnapApp Blog

What: A short, in-blog assessment that asks a sales-qualifying question.

Prospect value: More engaging experience on the blog, active participation, relevant follow-up content.

Marketer value: Key sales-qualifying intelligence, insights for appropriate qualification or nurture next steps.

Ideal Content Types for this Use Case




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