Database Activation Campaigns

Effectively qualify — or disqualify —  your current database with engaging, interactive content.

Assessing and prioritizing  the volume of leads in a marketing  database is overwhelming – figuring out who actually engages with you can be time consuming and almost impossible. And just  blasting your names with irrelevant, generic content won’t get the qualification insight sales needs. Whether you recently obtained a list, are looking to reactivate a dormant

section of your database, or maybe you’re just running your regular campaigns or newsletters, having more insights on your leads can make your efforts much more impactful. With interactive content, you can directly ask the qualifying questions that determine if prospects are qualified and what the  best next steps are for interaction.

59% of B2B marketers say email is their most effective channel in terms of revenue generation.

– Hubspot

Wake up your database with an assessment asking them ‘what’s next’?    This allows prospects to tell you what they want as a next step without having to have a discussion with a sales rep. If you recently acquired new names, send them a readiness assessment, which helps to gauge where

they are in their journey. With current campaigns or newsletters, draw engagement with a knowledge test or try sending them an interactive PDF that drives engagement and gets the answers to qualifying questions.

Real Life Example: Blackbaud

What: A top-of-funnel readiness assessment asking what the preferred next steps are for the registrants.

Prospect value: Self-direction of buyer journey next steps, targeted follow-up content.

Marketer value: More engagement, shorter nurture time length, faster qualification.

This readiness assessment drove 25% MQL-to-opportunity conversion (for a TOFU piece)!

Ideal Content Types for this Use Case

Knowledge Test


Interactive PDF


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