Qualifying Event Leads

Create experiences that attract, engage,
and qualify attendees before, during, and after events.

Events often take up a disproportionate amount of yearly budget and
time, sometimes without producing measurable results. It’s hard to drive booth engagement, collect names, and follow-up after the fact. Marketers rely heavily on their sales teams to determine what leads are truly “ready” to be buyers – an inefficient, human-driven process.

And we hound our booth visitors with generic emails after each show, assuming they even want to talk to us – just like every other company! Interactive puts your event prospects in the driver’s seat, enabling them to qualify (or disqualify) themselves faster and waste less of your sales and marketing team’s time.

Over 50% of B2B marketers say lead hand-off to sales is ineffective.

– Certain

Interactive content can be integrated into event campaigns at multiple stages. Use assessments before events to identify content that resonates with the attendees to draw engagement. During the event, have booth visitors complete an in-booth survey versus simply scanning their badge

to stimulate conversation rather than just swag collection. After the event, send a follow-up survey to gauge interest and determine next steps in the sales process.

Real Life Example: S&P Global Market Intelligence

What: An in-booth experience that engages prospects and helps further qualify them with key questions.

Prospect value: Engaging and fun booth experience that provides interesting, relevant follow-up insights.

Marketer value: Further qualification of prospects in booth, collection of insights beyond a traditional lead scan, faster and more efficient event follow-up

Since implementing interactive content into their events process, S&P have seen a 7% 
increase in conversion of MQLs to SQLs, holding at over 30%!

Ideal Content Types for this Use Case




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