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Transform existing content into a lead generation machine by getting answers to questions your sales team wants.


Marketers seem to have no shortage of content – unfortunately, it’s just
not working as well as we’d like. Relying on the traditional “white paper-download-sales call” approach is not only annoying to prospects, it’s
a huge waste of sales resources. Additionally, creating new content
without purpose is just wasting your marketing time and money. With

interactive content, you can add a question-answer experience into your current marketing content to improve engagement with prospects while at the same time collecting insights into key sales-qualifying criteria that help you deliver only the best leads to sales.

Buyers call white papers one of the least valuable content types for them.

-Generation Research

Giving your static PDfs a new life is easy. And it won’t change the look
and feel you worked hard to perfect. Simply take an existing white paper and layer key qualifying questions into the experience to improve engagement while collecting key insights on your readers. You can also

give life to existing content by reframing it as an assessment. Ask questions that test your audience while also asking qualifying questions. The end of the assessment can link to your long-form content.

Real Life Example: Plex

What: An infographic based on existing content, aimed at driving engagement with long-form guide.

Prospect value: Shorter, more engaging content previews the value in the longer-form guide.

Marketer value: Higher engagement with existing content, intelligence about prospect interests for follow-up marketing.

Greater than 75% completion rate of shorter piece, with 10% of users downloading the full guide.

Ideal Content Types for this Use Case



Interactive PDFs

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