Inbound Requests

Deliver the inbound requests that your sales team wants most – qualified!

Inbound requests are a pretty clear sign of buying intent – after all, with contact us forms and demo requests, the prospects are asking you for
more information. But sometimes the wrong people are asking for more. Maybe they’re a bad fit. Maybe they’re not really ready. And deciding
which sales rep is best equipped to address a given prospect’s needs

can be a whole job in itself. Ask for more information when your prospects are the most engaged – at the very bottom of the marketing funnel – to prioritize the best quality leads to your sales team and help determine who should handle a given request.

40% of salespeople say getting a response from prospects is becoming more and more difficult.

– Hubspot

Interactive content can be added to your website in multiple formats. You can create an assessment, designed to be a product picker, that enables prospects to find the right solution based on their answers and their  

preferred follow-up. After a prospect submits an inbound request, you can direct them to an assessment to find out more information to further qualify – or disqualify – them.

Real Life Example: Paycor

What: A bottom-of-the-funnel solution finder that helps prospects determine the right solution for their needs after answering a few questions

Prospect value: Self-service way of finding the right solution for their needs.

Marketer value: Prioritize prospects based on solution needed, hand over leads to the correct sales reps, and provide intelligence to sales team on prospect needs.

With this solution finder, Paycor was able to improve their opportunity-to-closed rate by 38%.

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