Nurture Streams

Ask prospects what they want next from you — or  skip the nurture stream entirely — by qualifying prospects during your first interactions.

Nurturing gives you more chances to engage with your leads over time, feeding them content that drives them further down the funnel. You can spend weeks or months just waiting for your prospects to do something,

or some combination of things, to prove  their interest. Short-circuit this slow process and jump the funnel with interactive content that gives your prospects the chance to self-qualify early.

B2B marketing teams often spend upwards of 40 hours a month formatting and processing leads.

– Integrate

Interactive content can be woven into your nurture stream in various
different ways. You can create a survey designed to enable prospects to choose the content they are most interested in learning more about.
You can challenge prospect with a knowledge quiz, assessing what they 

know about a certain topic while gathering data that can be used to follow up with more targeted content. Additionally, you can share an interactive PDF, layered with qualifying questions, to collect more insights for better follow up.

Real Life Example: Paradigm Life

What: A top-of-funnel knowledge quiz to assess prospect financial literacy

Prospect value: Learning about financial literacy; receiving relevant and educational follow-up content

Marketer value: Higher engagement with content, insights to drive prospects to relevant next step based on responses.

This knowledge quiz was the highest volume lead generating content ParadigmLife had for over a three month period.

Ideal Content Types for this Use Case



Interactive PDFs


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