Webinar Engagement

Create experiences that drive attendance, encourage follow up, and further qualify webinar names.

Webinar registrants and attendees can represent a wealth of engaged, qualified prospects – that is, if you’re able to sort through all of them.
You’re already spending time and money on building out these comprehensive events – and you probably already are sending pre

and post content to the registrants, so why not make it more valuable for both you and your prospects? Get the right, most engaged people hooked from the start, and further qualify them afterwards through interactive experiences.

40% of all demand-generation webinars use some type of engagement feature.


Before prospects even attend your webinar, help them decide whether
or not they should. Ask them key questions to assess how valuable the webinar would be while building engagement and qualifying potential attendees. Give them a chance to submit questions or topics they’d

like covered to encourage attendance. After the webinar, utilize a knowledge quiz to collect additional information or a key takeaway survey to see what they found to be most valuable enabling more appropriate follow up.

Real Life Example: SnapApp Webinars

What: A post-event follow-up assessment asking what the preferred next steps are for the registrants.

Prospect value: Control over their buyer journey and the appropriate next steps post webinar, relevant follow-up content for their needs.

Marketer value: More efficient lead qualification post-event, prioritization of hot leads to sales.

Our thought leadership webinars now generate hand-raisers that welcome follow up – a win for both marketing and sales!

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