Make Your Webinars Work Harder

For B2B companies, webinars are one of the best ways to generate high quality leads. But while showing up for a webinar can mean hand raises – helping to identify immediate leads – that is not always the case. Not to mention, your basic webinar registration form isn’t collecting the information your sales team needs for valuable follow up conversations. To separate the hot leads from the rest, marketers need a way to optimize their static webinar forms and enable sales to learn more about their registrants.

Learn More About Your Attendees

With SnapApp, marketers can add lead-qualifying questions to their pre- and post-webinar forms to gather key insights about the folks who attended, or those who registered but were no-shows. These questions are determined by your sales team, using their criteria to qualify and score leads. When sales has information about a prospect’s role, goals, challenges, or KPIs, they can tailor their follow up conversations based on the prospect’s responses.

Identify Quality Leads

Not all webinar registrants are created equal. Filter the leads that are ready to talk business from the folks who just signed up for the recorded version, and send the best ones to sales.

Disqualify Cold Leads

Let sales focus on the leads that are most likely to convert. Use lead-qualifying questions to disqualify the wrong leads, identify promising prospects, and send the rest to nurture.

Get Feedback

Find out what attendees want to learn about in your webinar. Use qualifying questions to personalize the content to their specific interests so they’re more likely to tune in.

Engage Your Audience Before and After a Webinar

Instead of a regular registration form, marketers can use SnapApp to create a lead-qualifying form and embed it into a landing page or dedicated events page on your website. Use your form to ask attendees what they want to learn about during your webinar, or if they have specific questions they want answered. To make SnapApp part of your post-webinar follow up, create a targeted email campaign to those who registered. For those who attended, ask if they’re ready for a demo with sales. For those that were no-shows, drive them to view additional content, like a blog post or white paper.

Qualify Leads Based on Intent

SnapApp enhances your webinar communication strategy to help you capture meaningful insights, disqualify the wrong leads, and score prospects by intent. Use your webinars to learn more about attendees, and pass that information along to sales for impactful follow up conversations. By adding lead-qualifying questions to your pre- and post-webinar promotion, you can more effectively engage your audience and personalize your webinar content so that attendees realize the value of your offering.

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