Websites & Landing Pages

Build Engagement with Every Click

Your website is one of the first touchpoints a prospect has with your brand, so it’s important that it clearly states your value proposition with engaging content. Not only should it provide your visitors with the information they came for, but it should also engage your audience and encourage them to continue consuming other content on your site.

Create an Interactive Experience

With SnapApp, marketers can use lead-qualifying questions to turn their static web pages into an interactive experience for visitors that educates them on your offering, and captures lead information for your sales team. Instead of relying on your webpages to do the talking, use qualifying questions to create a dialogue with your visitors that uncovers their intent to buy.

Optimize for Engagement

Lose your static landing pages and make your website stand out. Add quizzes or assessments that engage your readers and make them want to continue clicking around on your website to learn more.

Uncover Intent

Find out what drew your visitors to your website in the first place. Use lead-qualifying questions to generate key insights about a visitor’s job role, their organizational goals, challenges, or budget size.

Qualify Prospects

Lead-qualifying questions make your website work overtime as both a general information resource and a qualification engine. Use question-based interaction to capture key lead information for your sales team.

Keep Visitors On Your Website for Longer

Use SnapApp to create quizzes or assessments that test your visitor’s proficiency in a certain subject area, and use them to learn more about their organizational goals, challenges, or KPIs. These assets can be easily embedded into your landing pages, and are customizable to match your brand colors and fonts.

Use strategic CTAs to drive visitors to additional resources based on their responses. It’s a way to extend the conversation, keep visitors on your website for longer, and create more opportunities to showcase the value of your offering. After a visitor completes your quiz or assessment, use it to suggest they check out a blog post, view a new ebook, or get in touch with sales for a product demo.

Learn More About Your Visitors

Your website and landing pages are an untapped channel for effective lead generation and qualification. Instead of relying on events or webinars to bring in new leads, use SnapApp across your website to reach an even wider audience, and learn more about them while they browse. Enable visitors to learn about your product or offering without having to surf from page to page. Improve your visitor experience, give your sales team key insights into those prospects, and help them close more deals.

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