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SnapApp's mission is to help marketers build better connections with their audience. Engaging experiences -- that are dynamic, create a two-way interaction, and deliver value -- are at the root of a high-performing marketing strategy.

With the newly launched LeadREV by SnapApp, any PDF becomes an interactive experience. For the first time, add animations and lead capture and get readership analytics - all for free.

LeadREV is the first step on your interactive journey!

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With SnapApp's wide array of content templates, drag and drop design, workflow management, and powerful analytics, you have all the tools you need to get started building remarkable experiences.




Explore examples from some of the most creative marketing minds and see how they are delivering maximum value to their audiences through rich interactive content experiences across the web, mobile, social, and email. These marketers put content first to educate, engage, listen, and nurture, building richer prospect profiles and converting more leads to sales.




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